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About CEL's Tailored English Course 

CEL provides flexibility in defining the parameters of pedagogical interventions required in enhancing English Language proficiency by unifying the sub-components of the English Language development. This course enables targeting at initiating strategies to overcome certain aspects of the English language in maximising development. This program is suitable for individuals who are seeking targeted learning through certain aspects of the English language development. 



Maximise Efficacy in Your lesson Plan

This course maximises the efficacy in language development as the tailored course adapts to the learner’s ability through CEL’s revolutionised teaching framework. As students can learn a combination or isolated language conventions at a time, the efficacy of the course is fabricated to its maximum potential due to the flexibility in designing the lesson plan.


Flexibility in Learning

This course dictates flexibility as students can select any components to learn anytime within the lesson plan as CEL researchers have employed an adaptive learning approach in defining a flexible experience. 


Study on your own pace

Due to the nature of flexibility this course offers, students can learn at their own pace pertinent to maximising the learning outcome per session.

Essential Components of English Language Development


a.    General and specific nouns
b.    Verbs of being and doing
c.    “survival” words
d.    Idioms & Collocations
e.    Transferable Academic Items
f.    Subject-specific vocabulary


a.    Express social courtesies
b.    Participate in Discussions
c.    Give & Follow directions
d.    Express needs, likes & feelings
e.    Ask & answer questions
f.    Describe people & things; places and locations
g.    Relate observable events; narrate past events
h.    Classify; compare & contrast
i.    Express cause & effect; predict outcomes
j.    Generalised; draw conclusions


a.    Syntax – Words order
b.    Subject/verb agreement 
c.    Conventions for formal and informal use
d.    Verbals: tenses, auxiliaries, forms
e.    Adjectives & adverbs
f.    Conjunctions& subordination
g.    Pronouns 
h.    Prepositions
i.    Determiners & articles
j.    Sentence variation & complexity 


a.    Use spoken English flexibly to communicate with others
b.    Identify and classify word classes and patterns
c.    Understand and respond in conversations without hesitation
d.    Produce speech with appropriate speed, intonation, stress and volume
e.    Adapt reading strategies for a variety of purposes
f.    Practice comprehensible enunciation, pronunciation, and articulation. 

Phonemic Awareness and

Phonics Application

a.    Reading pronunciations
b.    Spelling
c.    Comprehension of phonemic rules
d.    Application of phonics in pronunciations
e.    Skimming and reading comprehension 


CEL's Revolutionising

Teaching Framework

CEL's adaptive teaching framework allows students to develop their learning input efficiently with researched-based interventions. As students are exposed to applied learning and project-based education, the efficacy of our trainers is guaranteed effective. 


1. One-to-one Sessions

CEL provides personalization and flexibility for one-to-one classes as the tutors are able to tailor the lessons in accordance with students' language 

acquisition development. 

2. Transparency

Transparency is CEL's fundamental principle in delivering services to anyone. With our online academic tracking system (OATS), you will never miss any updates concerning your learning process. Everything will be fun and easy when there is a digital identity for you

3. Flexibility

CEL English Hub utilises various pedagogies in bringing flexibility to your desk. The absence of traditional and conventional learning allows students to dive into a novel learning process through Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

4. Engagement

CEL's Business English course emphasises learners' engagement within a professional setting. Hence, the lessons are curated towards harnessing students potential in engaging with audiences effectively in correlation to its context. 

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