Scheme Two: For Student in Midpoint of Research

This scheme is for students who are experiencing a dip in the middle stage of their PhD. Among the downturns may include:


  • Everything the students do is only generating more work

  • The students are struggling to cope with many tasks and competing requirements

  • The stress is starting to affect the student's life in and out of PhD

  • Pressure from supervisors is starting to build-up

  • Time is running out, but the students are not completing anything substantial



Through this scheme, an assigned tutor will aid the student in tidying up their project. These include simplifying and prioritising essential aspects of his/her research. In particular, the tutor will assess the student’s existing work in order to get a solid grasp of what the student is trying to do. Then, the tutor will guide the student to simplify his or her work, and to progress toward the minimum completable goals.


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