Scheme Three: For Student in Final Stage of Research

This scheme is for students who are in the final year and looking towards completion of research and dissertation submission. Students who are in this stage might face a myriad of hurdles such as:


  • The student has written endless cycles of drafts, but nothing is substantial and submittable

  • The student is still unsure about the final content of his/her thesis

  • There is no end to the number of new materials/data that can be added

  • Writing has become more complex and saturated

  • Data analysis is completed but the student is unable to finalise the findings or link the results with overall research objectives


The goal of this scheme is to provide intensive coaching given to the limited time availability. Therefore, the assigned tutor will conduct a detailed assessment of what the student has done so far along with the evaluation of the student’s writing style. From here, the tutor will guide the student to prioritize, making a clear decision on thesis goals, and helping to get all crucial parts of the research done one by one.


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