Scheme One: From Beginner to A Successful Doctoral Student

This scheme is for students who are starting or in the early stages of their PhD candidature. Our primary goal in this scheme is to provide comprehensive and consistent assistance/monitoring throughout their doctoral research.


Therefore, our tutors will assist the students in critical aspects such as:


  • Developing a research idea/preparing a research proposal

  • Justifying the research gaps in the problem statement

  • Conducting and writing a good literature review

  • Developing and using a theoretical/conceptual framework

  • Applying suitable research methods

  • Making clear and engaging arguments

  • Clarifying research aims and objectives

  • What to look out for in empirical and discussion chapters


The purpose of this scheme is to get the students off to the best possible start by establishing good research habits and adapting to the academic environment. Our tutors will start by evaluating the students existing research skills and resources, then refining their research ideas and putting together a plan of action. It will then avoid common mistakes and ensure timely completion.


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