What is Paraphrasing?

Your clarification or comprehension of the ideas of another person defines paraphrasing. Paraphrasing in academic writing is usually essential to avoid unintentional plagiarism which may affect your content’s integrity. Therefore, rephrasing is an intervention which involves restating another author’s idea while presenting your statement while establishing credibility. Paraphrasing can alter a context entirely leaving your text with a lack of coherence between sentences. Our certified editors are trained to identify and paraphrase your text by leaving a guaranteed 90% reduction in plagiarism while maintaining eloquence in your documents.  


How it works


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3. Sit Back and Relax

Why Us


With Cel academic’s latest OATS 1.0.1 System, new features such as live tracking on the editor’s work have never been as transparent as before with additional live chat, feedback, and call for quality support features. We can provide the best academic service with the highest standard available. Our editors are highly experienced, certified, and experts in academic writing.  CEL Academic's customer-centred policy ensures that punctuality, transparency, and flexibility is prioritised always.

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