Professor Emerita

Rachel Mason

  • I have published 2 sole-authored books, edited 8 books and contributed chapters to 15.  I have published over 35 articles in refereed journals and 13 research reports. 

  • I have been an active member of professional associations. I served as President of the National Society of Art and Design Education (NSEAD) from 1991-3. I was World Councillor of the |International Society for Education through Art (InSEA) from 1984-91 and Vice-President from 1999-2002. 

  • I was Editorial Board member of the Journal of Art & Design Education from 1991-3. I edited the Newsletter for the International Society for Education through Art from 1982-7 and am founder-editor of The International Journal of Education through Art. 

  • I am well-known internationally for my work in my specialist field. I have delivered around 20 keynote papers at academic conferences and invited guest lectures at universities in The Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Sweden, France, Japan and Taiwan.

  • My professional advice about assessment, curriculum and research in art and design is sought. I was a member of the HK Accreditation Council from 1991-2017 and have acted as consultant for UNESCO and The Getty Foundation.  I was a panel member for the Finnish Academy Research Awards in 2009 and 2010 and International Adviser for the Centre for Asian Art Education, Capital Normal University, Beijing from 2004-2011. From 2011-2014, I was Chief Examiner for the International Baccalaureate Diploma in Visual Arts.   


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