CEL's English for Communication programme is focused on enhancing students' practical knowledge in applying communicative interventions accordingly. The course dictates the significance of vocabulary, grammar, and speaking skills through CEL's state of the art research-based pedagogy. 


From Beginners to Professionals 

English for communication is centered around people who are able to comprehend the command of basic English language conventions as the course aims to convert these to highly skilled communicators that is useful across industries that requires both formal and informal language use. 

Understand Others

This course allows student to develop listening skills in correlation with their comprehension skills that enhances one's ability to understand another.

Expert in Communication

This course also allows you to be an expert in communicative interventions through strategies thought within the course.

Contextually Correct Everywhere

This course divulges you with the comprehension on applying the right vocabulary in accordance to the suitability of a situation contextually.  

CEL's Revolutionising

Teaching Framework

CEL's adaptive teaching framework allows students to develop their learning input efficiently with researched-based interventions. As students are exposed to applied learning and project-based education, the efficacy of our trainers is guaranteed effective. 


1. One-to-one Sessions

CEL provides personalization and flexibility for one-to-one classes as the tutors are able to tailor the lessons in accordance with students' language 

acquisition development. 

2. Transparency

Transparency is CEL's fundamental principle in delivering services to anyone. With our online academic tracking system (OATS), you will never miss any updates concerning your learning process. Everything will be fun and easy when there is a digital identity for you

3. Flexibility

CEL English Hub utilises various pedagogies in bringing flexibility to your desk. The absence of traditional and conventional learning allows students to dive into a novel learning process through Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

4. Engagement

CEL's courses emphasizes learners' engagement within a professional setting. Hence, the lessons are curated towards harnessing students potential in engaging with audiences effectively in correlation to its context. 

Effective Communication Skills

This course is articulated in promoting wider application of accurate and appropriate use of English language through formal and informal contexts that prepares students for further undertakings in career and education advancements.  

1  —

Retrieving Information

The retrieval of information is the fundamental process required in communicating effectively as the efficacy on information gather dictates a good response. 

2  —

Processing Information

This program signifies interventions in providing comprehension on information processing based on profiling of contextual implication in accordance to settings, environment, ideology, etc. 

3 —

Communicating Information

Communicating Information is the act of one's ability to compose the information retrieved and deliver it with the right articulation in achieving the best out of it.

Our Plans

This is your description. Write a short overview including a description of your plan or service, important features and any other relevant info for a potential customer.


This is your description. Write a short overview including a description of your plan or service, important features and any other relevant info for a potential customer.

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