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Professional Communication Matters

CEL Business English is aimed at working professionals in aiding their comprehension towards formal use of the English language aimed at enhancing essential skills within the paradigm of professional settings. For instance, negotiation and persuasion language style is signified throughout the period of the course while being embedded with writing, speaking, reading and listening pedagogical interventions. As students are expected to have a comprehension of the basics of the English Language, this course is aimed to particularly enhance components of the English language associated with professionalism within a business setting. Students will be exposed to email writing, negotiation and persuasion in speaking, formal compositions, Formal writing for Letters & Agreements, Business Presentations and more. 

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CEL's Revolutionising

Teaching Framework

CEL's adaptive teaching framework allows students to develop their learning input efficiently with researched-based interventions. As students are exposed to applied learning and project-based education, the efficacy of our trainers is guaranteed effective. 


1. One-to-one Sessions

CEL provides personalization and flexibility for one-to-one classes as the tutors are able to tailor the lessons in accordance with students' language 

acquisition development. 

2. Transparency

Transparency is CEL's fundamental principle in delivering services to anyone. With our online academic tracking system (OATS), you will never miss any updates concerning your learning process. Everything will be fun and easy when there is a digital identity for you

3. Flexibility

CEL English Hub utilises various pedagogies in bringing flexibility to your desk. The absence of traditional and conventional learning allows students to dive into a novel learning process through Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

4. Engagement

CEL's Business English course emphasises learners' engagement within a professional setting. Hence, the lessons are curated towards harnessing students potential in engaging with audiences effectively in correlation to its context. 

Programme Outline

Fundamentals of Business English

The Fundamentals of Business English focuses on Business Vocabulary and Grammar in Action. 

Writing Conventions in Business English

Writing Convention will allow students to better understand the methods and strategies utilised in the usage of formal English

Communicative Interventions in Business English

Communicative Interventions defines the communication strategies involved in negotiation and persuasion.

Genres & Styles

Genres & Styles provides a holistic comprehension for students to distinctively apply the right intonation and language style.

Audience & Purpose

Understanding the nature of your audience and the purpose of your delivery will define the professionalism you apply in Business. 

Effective Listening & Speaking

Effective listening & Speaking is significant in professional career development as it curates your articulation of how others perceive your ideas.


Understand the concept of global English and its application to international business

Understand the linguistic features of formal and informal English in both written and spoken texts

Be aware of cultural differences and be able to adapt how they use English accordingly

Have a good understanding of the structure of English and the relationship between this and meaning

Developing a wide general vocabulary as well as a wide vocabulary relevant to business

Understand the importance of register in speaking and writing English in a variety of business contexts

Be able to use the appropriate register in both written and spoken texts

Be able to write letters, e-mails, work-based reports, proposals, and other documents with a high degree of correctness in terms of grammar, lexical choice, syntax and presentation

Be able to speak in meetings, informal gatherings and at presentations with a high degree of correctness in terms of grammar, lexical choice, syntax, intonation, and pronunciation

Be able to produce effective visual aids for presentations in English 

Be able to read reports and relevant written texts and be able to disseminate information from these texts effectively both in speaking and writing

Be able to source specialised and relevant literature

Be able to use English to communicate effectively with people from other cultures in the workplace and take the role of an intercultural interlocutor

Gain relevant insight into the importance of effective communication in a variety of business situations

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This is your description. Write a short overview including a description of your plan or service, important features and any other relevant info for a potential customer.

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